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This crazy mansion has an amazing 'Star Wars' bedroom

For the low, low price of $14.9 million, you can own this crazy mansion in Los Angeles that has a bedroom that transports guests to the icy "Star Wars" planet of Hoth.

This crazy "Star Wars" bedroom whisks occupants away to the snowy planet of Hoth.Estately

If you're a huge "Star Wars" fan with Galactic Empire money just lying around, you may want to check out this $14.9 million (about £10 million, AU$19.2 million) mansion in the Los Angeles suburb of Westlake Village.

The house has several themed bedrooms, including an awesome "Star Wars" bedroom that whisks you away to the snowy world of Hoth, where Luke Skywalker cut open a Tauntaun for warmth and came face-to-face with a deadly Wampa. The bedroom looks like a snowy cave complete with fake snow on the ceiling, a mural on the wall featuring an Imperial probe droid, and a pretty sweet-looking airspeeder bed perfect for the pint-size "Star Wars" fans out there.

And if you somehow manage to get burnt out on "Star Wars," the mega-mansion's other themed rooms let you and your friends pretend to be a pirate, the host of a murder-filled dinner party, or a pool shark hustling your friends. Of course, that's only if you and your pals are rich enough to afford this massive LA house.

Shiver me timbers! You can always talk like a pirate in this pirate-themed room.Estately

(Via LAist)