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This budgerigar mimics R2-D2 to perfection

What happens when you play a parakeet a bunch of robot noises on repeat? A magnificent R2-D2 budgie, that's what.

Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET

Birds can be amazing mimics. Take, for instance, the lyre bird, or the raven. Parrots and parakeets, however, are the most famous for it: a pet parakeet can usually learn a phrase or two, with repetition and perseverance.

Budgerigar Bluey can R2-D2 like a pro. Not only that, the native Australia parakeet -- usually only seen in green and yellow varieties in the wild -- has colouring in the droid's signature blue-and-white.

"Bluey was our first budgie and our 7-year-old daughter hand-raised him," owner Carli Jeffrey explains in the YouTube description. "He has always been a curious bird, he was really intrigued by our voices and the cockatoos we have in our garden -- he even copied the noise the crested pigeons make when they take off. We played R2-D2 sounds off YouTube to him four or five times and a few days later our daughter came running in saying he was doing R2-D2. We were blown away that he picked it up so quickly!"

"The other budgies in his cage started copying him but could only manage a few seconds at a time. Bluey also loves making laser sounds, the R2-D2 scream sound, kissing sounds, and he whispers English jibberish we can only make out a few words."

For the duration of the YouTube clip, Bluey's feat is pretty cool, although apparently nonstop can get a bit much.

"He drives us crazy! He has two other budgies in his cage, and I think he's driving them crazy too!" Jeffrey wrote.

(Via Reddit)