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This AI scheduler is perfect for people who hate arranging meetings

Singapore-based Mimetic.ai's Evie is an AI that understands natural language and helps you with the thankless chore of setting up meetings.


If arranging meetings have become a bothersome chore, Mimetic.ai's Evie could be just the thing.

Evie, a virtual personal assistant, is capable of talking to the other party and scheduling the right meeting time convenient for both parties without your direct intervention.

I found it ridiculously easy to use. After signing up on the Singapore-based firm's website, I was prompted to connect my calendar, either Google's or Office365, thereafter which I simply selected the time slots where I'd be available for meetings.

After that, it's as simple as just cc-ing Evie in the email with the other party, and she then takes it from there by putting you into a bcc and chatting directly with the other person. Once a satisfactory time is confirmed, Evie will then drop you an email to check if it's fine with you.


I even tried confusing it by using two email accounts with similar names and only ended up getting confused instead.

Screenshot by Aloysius Low/CNET

I tried fooling Evie by canceling and rearranging meetings, adding odd hours and ridiculous timings, but the AI was surprisingly nimble and managed to work around my roadblocks.

Mimetic.ai says Evie uses natural language processing to decipher the words in your email and respond accordingly.

"We've given Evie the shared context that we all carry around in our heads so she knows, for example, that lunch is typically around the noon hours. This ontological lexicon gives Evie the power to parse, interpret and reason from natural language the way we humans do, so your interaction with Evie feels entirely natural," explains Jin Hian Lee, Mimetic.ai's co-founder.

Those curious to try out Evie can sign up for a free one month trial, after which it will cost $20 (about £16 or AU$26) a month. The paid version adds multiple calendar support, as well as personalized calendar invites.

You can check it out here.

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