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Top ThinkGeek April Fools' jokes: Can you find Barb?

A Hot Pocket sleeping bag, a swim desk and a "Westworld" temporary tattoo lead ThinkGeek's annual parade of prank products for April Fools' Day.

This cozy tentacle wrap sure beats looking like a couch-laying mermaid.

"Westworld," "Stranger Things," "Lord of the Rings" and the fictional '90s movie "Shazaam" all fell victim to retailer ThinkGeek's rowdy rollout of fake April Fools' Day items on Saturday. This is where your dreams soar (a swim desk!) and then crash because these products aren't real. But you will wish they were.

ThinkGeek's "Where's Barb" book takes its cues from the "Where's Waldo?" series, but instead asks you to find the missing Barb from throwback horror hit "Stranger Things." Toast your toes in a Hot Pocket Sleeping Bag with built-in crisping sleeve or paddle your way to a healthier office life with the Swim Desk.

ThinkGeek has a history of making some of its joke products into real products (I'm looking at you, Star Wars tauntaun sleeping bag). Here's hoping the retailer will actually write, produce and film "Shazaam" so all those people who thought it was a real movie can feel vindicated.

Check out the entire lineup and try to guess which ones could become real items.