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Thief steals iPad, rips off victim's pinkie

A man walks out of an Apple store, is robbed of the iPad he was picking up for a friend and has part of his pinkie ripped off in the process.

I am sure there were some who, consumed by passion for the iPad, said, in an idle moment, that they would give their right arm for one.

Bill Jordan, a 59-year-old from Aurora, Colo., was surely not one of them. Yet, he and Apple's latest creation crossed ill-starred paths with the result that he has lost part of a finger.

KDVR-TV Denver went to interview Jordan at his house to learn just how it was that a thief stole an iPad from him and ripped away the top half of his left pinkie.

Jordan had wandered into the Apple store in the Cherry Creek Mall in Denver in order to buy an iPad. He wasn't even buying it to take home and indulge himself. He had been asked by one of his colleagues in Canada to pick up an iPad for someone who had enjoyed a promotion.

"I didn't even know what it was. It's a toy," Jordan told KDVR.

Surveillance film reportedly showed that the minute he left the Apple store, Jordan was followed by two young men. He had the Apple bag tied around his wrist and, just before he entered the parking garage, he felt someone violently tugging on his arm.

The rest is just plain nasty. The thief kept on pulling until he "took the tendons right off and the flesh and everything." All that remained of part of Jordan's left pinkie was bone (and Jordan is reportedly a leftie). A doctor subsequently told him part of the finger would have to be amputated.

Sadly, we have heard these kinds of stories told about iPhones, Air Jordans, and many other objects of supposed desire. The robbers, who remain at large, won't be interested in Jordan's message to them. Jordan told CBS4 in Denver: "I hope you understand what you've done to my life and my family's life for a simple piece of apparatus that'll be junk in a couple of years."

Still, someone somewhere must know the nasty little ingrates who attacked Jordan for the iPad. One can only hope they are found soon and treated with appropriate sensitivity.