Thief drives straight through Apple Store window

Somehow, plowing straight into an Apple Store might not be everyone's first choice of subtle methods of theft.

Look, they've made a mess.
Pe/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Perhaps he thought the iPhone 5 would already be there.

Who can imagine why someone would risk the sensitive fenders of his BMW to drive straight through the front window of the Apple Store in Temecula, Calif.?

And yet here is footage of a smash, a grab, and a slight thoughtlessness, given that the robbers seemed not to have factored in the security cameras.

Footage that was release to YouTube shows action that seems as incontrovertible as it is rather tragic.

I am grateful to the BBC for grabbing this footage and smashing it into my eyes.

Some will be impressed that the thieves appeared to have chosen the smaller items, rather than the MacBooks.

However, I am sure many of the Apple faithful will be depressed at the sheer mess that these people made. Didn't they understand that you can steal from an Apple Store without having to ram your car backward and forward into the pristine tables? Isn't that what Samsung was accused of?

Look at that poor severed table leg. It's not as if it could have moved out of the way. Didn't they know how many design hours went into creating that beautiful thing?

Still, this story has a peculiar ending.

The security gates behind the car appear to have come down and hampered the thieves' exit. The car's tires allegedly suffered, as did the license plate.

Police now accuse 22-year-old Equonne Howard, after he had allegedly abandoned the car and then returned either to fix the flats or to retrieve a license plate he allegedly left behind.

He pleaded not guilty last Wednesday, the very same day the iPhone 5 was revealed.