These Sneakers for Horses go for $1,200. Per Shoe

Yup, sneakers for equines are a thing.

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Meara Isenberg
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sneaker for horses

That's one hot hoof.

Horse Kicks

With holiday shopping season officially underway, you can now splurge to get Ruby or Chestnut a gift they'll treasure forever: versions of popular sneakers that fit horse hooves. 

Horse Kicks, a sneaker retailer for horses, repurposes branded shoes for equines. You can custom order a pair of horse-friendly shoes on horsekickslex.com

But because a single shoe starts at $1,200 (about £1,070, AU$ 1,916), it'll cost you to get your horse ready for the fashion races. A portion of the sales will be donated to an event called Sneaker Ball Lex, which gives back to local minority organizations.

The kicks are crafted by Marcus Floyd, a Lexington, Kentucky-based shoe artist. On his Instagram account, @infinitekustomz, Floyd posted multiple images of full-size sneakers next to horse-size ones. "These are wearable art designed over a medical horse boot and covered with repurposed sneakers," Floyd wrote. He also listed the shoes in the images: the Court Purple Jordan 1, New Balance 650 and Yeezy Boost 350. These appear to be the shoes in the debut collection of Horse Kicks, which will be donated and auctioned during Sneaker Ball Lex.

"One of the craziest collaborations to date for me," Floyd wrote. "It was a dope process trying to figure out what a horse sneaker would look like while using as much from the 'REAL' shoe as possible."

Horse Kicks has posted one video to its TikTok account so far, and it's glorious. A horse dramatically plops a white, blue and black Nike sneaker on the ground. Then more horse-ready shoes, which really just look like compact versions of Yeezys and New Balances, flash on screen. You work that single sneaker, Stella. I haven't watched it a single time without laughing. 

Anyways, the horse sneakers are already a hit on social media, with people bringing the jokes. "Nah these stallions about to be mad boujee now," one commenter wrote on an Instagram post about Horse Kicks by Complex. "Imagine a horse roll up on you with better shoe game than you," wrote another. The shoes are fun, but if you don't have a wad of cash to drop on your horse for the holidays, something tells me he may just be fine with a bag of carrots.