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These porcelain mugs remind you that things could always be worse

Everyone has rough days, but these new Calamityware porcelain coffee mugs remind you that no matter how badly your day is going, it could almost always be going worse.

At the end of a rough day at the office, many people out there like to sit down with a cup of coffee or tea to unwind. But wouldn't that relaxation come even quicker if your coffee mug reminded you that the world isn't ending and that everything isn't really all that bad?

That's the premise behind these new Calamityware porcelain coffee mugs from retired graphic designer Don Moyer. The cups are done in the traditional blue willow styling, featuring a peaceful paradise scene being completely destroyed by about a dozen different baddies that include pirates, voracious sea monsters and even a zombie poodle. After you see the chaos unfolding on your afternoon tea cup, you won't care that you didn't turn in your TPS reports on time or lost a major client to a competitor.

As with Calamityware's previous releases, the Things-Could-Be-Worse mug is available via Kickstarter, and a set of four mugs can be had for $48 (about £30, AU $65 -- plus shipping). If you're interested in purchasing a set to add to or begin to build your fine-dining collection, head over to the Kickstarter Campaign to order before July 31.