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These Pizza Hut cats want to serve and entertain you

Pizza Hut Japan has a new Web series -- "Pizza Cat" -- about cats running one of its restaurants. We'll take extra mozzarella with that meow, thanks.

The "Pizza Cat" Web series features feline employees who have to wear hats but not hairnets. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Pizza and cute cats are both good things, so why not merge the two? Pizza Hut Japan did just that. Not in a pizza, mind you, but in a delightfully charming and weird Web series called "Pizza Cat."

The show centers around the cats, decked out in red caps and jaunty scarves, who work at a special Pizza Hut restaurant. Their names are Tencho, Hime, Dora, and Detch.

In the episode "It's time for work, y'all," we see the cat boss push a giant red alarm button with his paw to wake up the lazy feline employees asleep on the job, to no avail.

In another episode entitled "Dressed to kill for the day!" all the cat employees are suited up with their tiny red caps and scarves except for one haphazard tabby who could use some help getting dressed.

In "Morning assembly! Fire us up!" the cat employees look barely awake for the early morning meeting. Clearly, some of us can relate.

In "Shut up, paws off the phone! They're all for me!" Hime the cat answers the phone by sitting on it. So much for customer service.

If you think it's sad cats can't answer the phone at Pizza Hut, you should see one try to operate a laptop computer in the episode "Spreadsheet Demon."

"What do you mean I have to work weekends?" Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Meanwhile, nothing is more endearing than seeing a kitty employee ride around on a robot vacuum cleaner to sweep up all those pizza crust crumbs from the floor, in the episode "I don't allow even a speck of dust, see?"

And of course, you can't run a pizza place without a delivery option. And the cats working at Pizza Hut have to map out their routes carefully, In "Destination checked! We'll be there safe driving," we see one of the cat employees get a bit hyper over the a tiny Pizza Hut scooter roaming across the map.

Other episodes have the cats wheeling around materials, keeping an eye on abandoned pizzas sitting on the counter, making change from the register, and picking up their paychecks at the end of the day.

After watching the "Pizza Cat" Web series, it's clear these hard-working employees deserve cat naps and pizzas (with extra anchovies) all around.