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These 'elders' just saw Google Glass for the first time

"Spaceship 12 calling Earth" is just one of the crazy reactions the subjects of the latest Fine Brothers vid have when first getting their hands on Google Glass.

The FineBrothers are back with one of their technology reaction videos, and this one's a particular doozy. In it, they show Google Glass to a group of "elders," and ask them various questions as they explore the futuristic wearable product.

While some older folks out there are tech whizzes and even invented the building blocks for the technology we use today, the ones in this video likely still have a desktop computer and a flip phone, if they've embraced technology at all. Watching the group trying to figure out how to operate Glass, arguably one of the best representations of modern futuristic technology around, is pretty hilarious. One says he looks like he's "part Robotron," while another looks for something to "plug in and download" before using.

After a bit of a shaky start, the test subjects catch on to how Glass works fairly well, and by the end you get a sense they really know what they're doing.

A few even go so far as to say they're interested in buying the product for themselves. Of course, some of them bring up the notion that Glass use should probably be limited in some way because of privacy concerns, or that people wearing them could be so distracted they walk off a curb and get hit by a truck.

But pretty much all of them concede that Glass will probably be a mainstream technology very soon. So while you might not see Glass atop the heads of all these elders right away, their grandkids will likely soon embrace their cyborg future.

No, Richard. Not like that! Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET