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There's a Pokemon inspired by Gene Simmons and he's taking it really well

Pokemon have really taken a hard-core turn.

He knows.

The Pokemon Company probably reached a tipping point when it released a Pokemon that looks like a bong with eyes on it. After finding inspiration in cherries, cakes and other foodstuffs, the company has now expanded into heavy metal musicians. Hello Obstagoon.

Obstagoon is a regional-specific final evolved form of Zigzagoon that looks incredibly similar to Gene Simmons of Kiss. The racoon hybrid shares Simmons' trademark black-and-white stage makeup look as well as his angry, tongue-sticking-out persona.

How does Gene Simmons feel about it? He's taken it really well, actually.

"Pokemon has been part of our household for decades, ever since our kids first discovered them," he said in a statement to Newsweek on Wednesday. "To see Pokemon pay homage to KISS is flattering."

Although, Simmons' reaction on Twitter was slightly more muted.

The Pokemon Company introduced Obstagoon as one of the new species featuring in the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield games for the Nintendo Switch. Neither The Pokemon Company nor Pokemon game developer GameFreak have released an official statement about the similarities between Obstagoon and Simmons.

Catch Pokemon Sword and Shield when they're released worldwide Nov. 15.