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Facebook Live hosts an interactive telenovela

You could choose what was going to happen next in the Spanish soap opera by hitting the buttons you usually use to like, laugh at or love something.

Which one would you choose?
Screenshot by Richard Nieva/CNET

Here's a novel way to use Facebook Live.

On Friday, Super Deluxe, an entertainment company based in Los Angeles, ran a choose-your-own-adventure telenovela on Facebook Live, the social network's live-streaming service.

People could vote on where they wanted the plot of a Spanish soap opera to go by using the reaction buttons you usually use to say you like, love or are sad about something.

For example, during one scene, the audience could choose between three weapons a character could grab: a knife, boomerang, or, um, dildo. (The audience chose the sex toy, because internet.)

At one point, about 4,000 people were watching.

Facebook has been making a push for live video on its social network. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said this is the "golden age for live video." Indeed it is.