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The Zhip: Nifty hanger and stand for smartphones

The Zhip uses a sturdy, 'no-drop' three-foot extendable zip cord to anchor any smartphone or iPod touch to lots of different surfaces and objects.

We're used to seeing smartphone accessories geared toward certain platforms, so it's nice to come across something like The Zhip (pronounced "zip"), which can be used with a variety of smartphones, as well as the iPod Touch.

I'm not going to spend too much time explaining the thing (the video above speaks for itself), but basically you insert your smartphone into The Zhip's clamps, then use the retractable line to attach the whole package to the back of a headrest in a car, the latch on a tray table on an airplane, or the top of a treadmill while working out at the gym. Since the cord retracts, you get a nice secure hook up. Pretty nifty.

It's also worth mentioning that The Zhip, which was developed by a small company called Randem Joe (formerly SurfShelf LLC), can also be used as a stand and it folds relatively flat when you're not using it with your smartphone. The Zhip costs an affordable $14.95 and is available at the company's website, Amazon, or Best Buy.

The $14.95 Zhip accommodates most smartphones and the iPod Touch. thezhip.com