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Watching this YouTube channel makes you smarter everyday

Everyone knows how to search YouTube, but there are tons of great channels on the site made by interesting people I think you should know about.

Recently, I've been sharing some awesome channels on YouTube you may not know about. I've talked about Ten Second Songs, as well as Coline Furze, You Suck at Cooking and others.

Today I've got a channel you need to check out, especially if you like science. It's an educational video series called Smarter Everyday, hosted by Destin Sandlin, a rocket engineer turned YouTube personality. In my experience, he always picks cool, interesting topics, then explains them in a way that is easy to understand.

Once you take a look at this small sampling, I'm betting you're going to want to watch more. We'll start with this one in which he explores why a cat has the power to always land on its feet.

Next, in an episode called the "Backwards Brain Bicycle," he has some engineers modify a bike in one simple way that makes it impossible to ride because your brain can't handle the change. It's hard to explain, but just watch:

In this one, goes into his own back yard to study the physics behind how humming birds can maintain position in flight.

Finally, Destin goes out to rural Kentucky with some professional motocross riders to demonstrate the physics of going off fat jumps. I don't know about you, but I think it's really cool to understand how they have so much control while in the air.

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