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The insane YouTube bike video that'll be viral by tomorrow

A Belarussian driver has his dashcam on. Suddenly, a bike plows into a car and the rest is unpredictable.

He's a little close, isn't he? Kruszon1984/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Dashcam videos from the land of the dacha have their own otherworldly character.

It's not that in the former USSR they drive as if they're all escaping from someone, even though they could be. It's that sometimes the creators of Grand Theft Auto would never quite conceive the action.

Earlier this year, it was a car chase, a knife, a shovel, and a man falling from a car roof.

Now it's a bike, a car, and a man flying toward a car roof.

These few words don't do the action justice. This scenario, from Mogilyev in Eastern Belarus, doesn't have too much action at all.

It's just that when it all starts, at speeds that are clearly unsafe, you never imagine how it's going to end.

For myself, I'm touched that the car driver actually signals to move into the outside lane.

However, this doesn't prevent what ensues.

There is no reason to believe that a stunt biker was involved here, although my knowledge of Belarussian stunt bikers is rudimentary.

The incident occurred on July 30, but was only posted today to YouTube. (I thank a charming Peruvian reader for sending it to me.)

Please don't try to re-create it.