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The year that was 2016: Girt by CNET Podcast 97

Girt by CNET has you covered in our final, super-sized show for 2016 with all the garbage fires, gift ideas and guesses for the future that you'd expect from a tech podcast in late December.


Yes, the year is almost done, and aren't we happy about that. It was a bit of a garbage fire -- a term we have all agreed to retire in 2017 -- but we kick things off by wrapping up the big tech stories, from machine learning misfires to missing headphone jacks. There were encryption issues, exploding phones and then the advent of virtual reality. It truly was a year that had it all.

From there, we talk Christmas gift ideas and how to spoil your loved ones (or yourself) this holiday season.

Our final segment casts our Girty gaze forwards to CES and beyond, as the team makes a few bold predictions about what next year has in store for the tech world.

Thank you all for tuning in in 2016, and we hope to fill your ear holes again in the New Year!

Girt by CNET podcast 97

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