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The 30 worst-named tech products

What's in a name? Well, more than you think when it comes to tech products. Here are some of the worst-named products we've come across. A few did OK in the marketplace; most, however, did not.

Companies agonize over what to name a product, and we certainly recognize how difficult a process it is to come up with a good name.

Over the years, we've seen lots of good ones: the Palm Pilot, the Motorola Razr, TiVo, the Flip cam, are just a few.

But today we're not here to celebrate success. No, let us to rejoice in failure and admire some of the truly bad -- and, in some cases, truly awful -- names that have come along in the last 10 years or so, including the latest additions to the list: Sony h.ear headphones, Oregon Scientific Meep!, OnePlus One/OnePlus 2 smartphones and The Chumby.

How bad are they? Well, all of us will have our own opinions about that along with how much those names may have hindered the potential success of the products (the majority have been failures). You also probably remember some really bad names that we've failed to highlight, which is why we encourage you to make your own nominations in the comments section below. If we see some good ones (or in this case, really bad ones), we'll add them to the list.

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Editors' note: This story was originally published on April 18, 2011 and has been updated several times since. CNET's Brian Cooley put together an even more succinct Top 5 version of this list along with a more recent sequel ("Part 2") that you can watch above.