The world's longest phone?

Don't worry, it's only a concept.

Juniper Foo
Yanko Design

Finally, a mobile phone that bucks the trend. For those sick and tired of claims like "the smallest," "the thinnest," and "the lightest" from mobile manufacturers, here comes a handset that touts itself for a different dimension--"the longest."

Exactly how long? Well, designer Tamer Koseli doesn't say, but his Super Phone certainly doesn't look pocket-friendly.

The idea behind the extra long design? There's more screen estate naturally, which means there's plenty of room for touch-screen functionality. There are, in fact, two displays: One OLED that shows basic info, the other for scrolling. And from the pictures, while there's no digital camera onboard, there appears to be an expansion slot of some sort. Unfortunately, until this Super (long) Phone gets made commercially, it's a claim that's likely to remain an empty boast.

(Source: Crave Asia)