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The Wiimote jacket cometh

Nintendo's new silicone Wii remote jackets are now starting to arrive, and we check it out.

Nintendo Wii remote jacket
Matthew Fitzgerald

Nintendo announced a few weeks ago that it would include silicone controller jackets with every new Wii and Wiimote. Even better, if you already bought a Wii, you can order the jackets for free from Nintendo. Since my Wii was purchased pre-jacket, I ordered a pair for myself. Nintendo estimates 4 to 6 weeks for the jackets to arrive, but I got mine today after just over three weeks. Naturally, here's a hands-on look at the new accessories.

Well, it's a pretty nice sleeve for the Wiimote. The slight dog-bone shape feels comfortable in the hand and provides a better grip than the naked remote. The corners and front end of the remote are nice and thick, and help cushion any sort of impact. I still wouldn't advise hucking the remote into a television screen, but you can feel at least a little bit more secure should the wriststrap snap and fling into the air.

The jacket slides on and out surprisingly easily, by wedging the front of the Wiimote against the thick dogbone end and then pulling the rest of the sleeve over the body of the remote. A generous hole in the bottom offers plenty of room through which you can thread the wriststrap. A molded flap over the hole helps protect the nunchuck/controller jack from dust and spills. It probably won't work with the upcoming Zapper peripheral, but fortunately you can peel the jacket off as quickly as you can slide it on.

Especially considering the price (free), the new Nintendo silicone Wii remote jackets present a great value. They improve the Wiimote's grip, protect it and surrounding objects from drops and throws, and feel a bit more comfortable in the hand.

If you've already ordered your jackets, you should expect them in the next few weeks. If you haven't yet purchased a Wii, or plan to get some more Wiimotes, units with the jackets included should hit stores by the end of the month.