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The Wii needs a storage solution--and fast

With the launch of WiiWare, Nintendo needs to address the issue of the console running out of storage room.

With yesterday's launch of the WiiWare service, it's now easier than ever to fill up your Wii to the point of full capacity. It doesn't take much to fill up those 2,163 blocks (about 512MB)--between additional channels, the virtual console, and now WiiWare, you're going to need to be doing some serious maneuvering if you want to experience everything the Wii has to offer. So why hasn't Nintendo come up with a solution that can allow owners to expand the storage capacity?

While the SD card slot is nice, for many Wii owners it has become strictly a way to back up game saves. You can't directly access it in-game nor can you play virtual console or WiiWare games directly off of it. Why not enable this? Surely this can be accomplished with a Wii system update. And by limiting the memory capacity, Nintendo is essentially preventing customers from buying more virtual console and WiiWare titles.

Rumors of a storage add-on have come and gone, with nothing ever manifesting. If Nintendo plans on adding a new WiiWare title every Monday--in addition to the new virtual console titles they release each week as well--something needs to be done to address this growing concern.

While we'd all like for the SD card slot to allow in-game read and writing capabilities, or for the ability to connect a USB flash-drive, we're guessing it will probably be a Nintendo-branded storage solution that may wind up costing twice as much as it should. We'd personally like to see something like this inexpensive 60GB USB drive, which would also leave room for even bigger WiiWare titles down the road.

How do you think the Wii storage situation should be addressed?