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The weird world where 3D printing and art collide

Crave explores the upcoming 3D Print Show, a London-based trade event that puts under one roof work by some of the greatest living contributors to 3D printing.

While we may never think the world of 3D movies, at least the 3D printing ecosystem continues to evolve rapidly in a good direction. With interest in 3D printers, as well as accessibility to them, becoming more commonplace, an increasing number of artists use these machines -- capable of making nearly anything -- to stretch the limits of design.

The first 3D Print Show, held in London's Brewery next month -- October 19-21 -- gives those in the 3D printing industry a centralized venue for collaborating and educating, as well as showing off some mind-bending 3D creations.

Lots of events take place at the show too, including concerts using 3D-printed instruments, competitions between makers, and a show of 3D-printed haute couture. Crave takes a look at just a few of the many art exhibits planned for the event, from some of the best in the field. If you have a knack for art or design, you won't want to miss this expose. You might not ever think about 3D printing the same way again.