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The verdict: Logitech takes the mouse prize with Darkfield sensor

Logitech's Performance Mouse MX wins an Editor's Choice thanks to its new Darkfield sensor.

The results were conclusive in our mouse head-to-head. Logitech's Performance Mouse MX and its new Darkfield sensor boldly went where Microsoft's Explorer Mouse and its BlueTrack sensor could not. We tried two different glass tabletops and Logitech's new mouse tech had no trouble maintaining signal integrity. Microsoft's mouse stopped dead.

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Logitech was also able to handle all of the new surfaces Microsoft's BlueTrack blazed when it surpassed the traditional laser sensor at the end of 2008. And while Microsoft is right to point out that its BlueTrack mice are available for less, Logitech's $99 Performance Mouse MX not only gets you the best mouse sensor on the market, it also happily marries its wireless and rechargeable battery technologies into a seamless whole.

Throw in a tiny USB receiver that works with other Logitech products, Logitech's innovative variable-speed scroll wheel, and a host of useful buttons placed around the comfortable design, and the result is an Editor's Choice-winning product that we'd recommend to anyone who takes his or her desktop input devices seriously.

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