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The USS Enterprise has changed a lot in 600 years

A video shows each iteration of the USS Enterprise, from the seafaring ships of the 1770s to the starships that took the "Star Trek" crew to the depths of space.

Throughout its lengthy history, the USS Enterprise has boldly gone...many places. The craft has changed pretty drastically over the course of its lengthy journey from the very real, seafaring Navy ship to the various sci-fi starships in "Star Trek."

In the clip, we see many iterations of the Enterprise, along with a scale that shows how much the ship has grown over the years. From the relatively small ship that was captured from the British by Benedict Arnold in 1775 to the lavishly gigantic starship of "Star Trek: Nemesis," viewers get a good look at the evolution of the Enterprise throughout its 600 year history.

The clip was created using PicClick -- a visual search tool that aims to make searching for things to buy on eBay easier -- by some folks looking forward to the next entrant in the "Star Trek" series reboot. That film, currently dubbed "Star Trek 3," is set to begin filming soon ahead of a 2016 release date.