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The 'Tweance': Talk to dead stars on Twitter

Just in time for Halloween, a brilliant psychic is holding a Tweance. On October 30, you will be able to tweet your favorite dead stars. And they may just tweet back.

If you have been trying to tweet Michael Jackson over the last few weeks without even a squeak of success, might I sing you a song of hope?

A remarkably forward-thinking psychic has decided to hold a seance on Twitter. A "Tweance," if you will.

According to the Sun newspaper, Jayne Wallace, who claims to have been a psychic since she was (at least) 7 years old, will be available to every member of the world's tweeting population on October 30, between 10 a.m. and noon British Miserable Autumn Time (that's 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. PT).

Your rapt attention span and your rapid powers of cogitation will have noted that the date and time enjoy a chilling proximity to Halloween, the night when many dead people may rise from the grave and dance in unison to Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

Does he love Guitar Hero 5? Ask him. CC J Deamer/Flickr

You have the chance, on this suspiciously auspicious Halloween eve, of picking a deceased star and a question you would like to ask that person, then waiting for your reply from on high--or, who knows, perhaps even from the infernal below.

You will be excited to the point of cardiac incarceration to hear that the Tweance's Twitter page is already active. Be ready with a question the whole world will want answered.

Perhaps you would like to discover whether Guitar Hero 5 makes Kurt Cobain, well, turn over in his grave. Or whether Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy have philosophical disagreements.

Perhaps you might want a TwitPic submission of a smiling James Dean or a confirmation of your suspicion that Che Guevara is hanging with a rather conservative crowd these days.

Or you could be one of those strange people who wonders whether John Lennon and Florence Nightingale might occasionally make out when the afterlife authorities aren't looking.

Whatever your feelings about those who have famously left us, the Tweance is unquestionably your chance to confront your deepest curiosities.

Now that Halloween is reaching its socially networked nirvana, history may now enjoy a radical revision.