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The stealth bomber of LCD TVs

Japan's Eiko breaks the mold for flat-screen designs.

Akihabara News

With all due respect to the individuality of plasmas and LCDs, they pretty much all look the same from afar. There's just only so much one can do with a flat screen.

But Japanese TV maker Eizo has come up with a design that breaks the mold, especially if it's turned slightly to the side to reveal its unusual profile. The "FORIS HD" line of LCDs is the television equivalent of a stealth bomber.

Akihabara News says it comes in white too, making it far less menacing. And if its 24- and 27-inch screens end up being too small to catch all the nuances in Heroes, it can also be used as a PC monitor because of its full HD resolution. But coming in around $1,500 on the Japanese market, that would be a pretty pricey desktop screen.