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The 'Starck' truth about Apple's 'revolutionary' product

New report discredits designer Philippe Starck's much-hyped alleged collaboration with Apple, but confirms Steve Jobs had some spendy sea legs.

Philippe Starck and Steve Jobs: the dynamic duo of yacht design?
Philippe Starck/starck.com

French designer Philippe Starck became a very popular person last week after a story surfaced about his alleged involvement with a "revolutionary" upcoming Apple product years in the making.

The Wall Street Journal today clarified the epically hyped Starck-Apple story, saying Steve Jobs did not tap the famous French designer to spice up the next latest and greatest Apple hardware.

Rather, Jobs tapped Starck to architect the interior design of his yacht, the report says, adding that Jobs' widow Laurene Powell is continuing with the project.

"It's not a project with Apple. It's a private project that began with Steve Jobs and that has been taken over by his wife," the Journal quotes a Starck spokesman as saying.

Starck is known for designing eclectic products, from chairs to toothbrushes to restaurants and electric cars. The original details of the story had a hazy feel, citing Starck's routine monthly meetings with Jobs over the course of seven years.

With such a speculative story mum on the details but blazing hot in potential, many tech pundits suggested the collaboration might result in an epic Apple TV or new iPhone. Nope, the Journal tells us, just a yacht with insides that we think probably look like something from the interior sets of "Tron: Legacy."

Though Apple denied Starck's claims of a "revolutionary" new product, we still wanted to know what such a product would look like to Crave readers. We've received some intriguing and whimsical suggestions, and will be sharing some of our favorites later this week.