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The site that helps you expose your family appears to be becoming an Web smash, with an alleged 2 million hits a day. It is full of the oddest specimens known to man--and photographers.

Why would anyone with eyes, fingers and a pulse bother with Lolcats when they can go to

Yes, cats do the cutest, silliest things. But nothing compared to some of the examples of extended human exceptionalism on this extraordinary site.

The creation of two Los Angeles writers, Mike Bender and Doug Chernack, AwkwardFamilyPhotos celebrates the sheer nonsense that is the family.

It also may provide new sources of business for those photographers who set up studios in malls and hang pictures in the window that look like the subjects were drugged for the sake of art.

At least it should, given that it only launched in April and is apparently getting 2 million hits a day.

This shot is not from the site. But I would dearly like this family to invite me to tea. CC Vagawi/Flickr

My personal favorites include the Bon Family Blowout, a sweet-looking threesome whose hair was teased by some appalling bullies.

My feelings are also radically altered when I look at a photo called Sweater Weather. This features a family of 11, all wearing matching sweaters.

Why would anyone think of doing this? And, having thought of doing this, why would anyone actually go through with something that makes a large family look like Moldovan masons?

But the most bafflingly joyous of all the shots on the site is taken, it seems, by a professional photographer whose camera should be taken away. For some astounding reason, the four family members in the Group Hug shot are posing with their arms along each other, creating an effect not entirely dissimilar to that of a cult with seriously eccentric proclivities.

It would be lovely if Technically Incorrect readers might make their own contributions to AwkwardFamilyPhotos and mark themselves as being visitors here. That way, I might more readily appreciate some of the formative moments that made you committed absurdists.