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'The Simpsons' trolls President Trump with '100 Days' video

Trump's hair has paw-some powers voters never knew about, and Ivanka is named to the US Supreme Court.

April 29 will mark President Donald Trump's 100th day in office, and "The Simpsons" is already skewering the event. The short video, released Wednesday, had close to 2 million viewers as of Thursday evening.

It begins like something out of the animated Fox show's annual "Treehouse of Horror," with lightning and thunder making the White House as spooky as anything in a Stephen King novel.

Presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway is seen fleeing a disturbing suicide scene featuring Press Secretary Sean Spicer. After a short glimpse at a Steve Bannon battle, the scene moves on to the presidential bedroom. There, cartoon Trump is surrounded by some telling book titles ("Florida on $10 Million A Day") and one wall features the famed March photo of him pretending to drive a giant truck.

"A hundred days in office, so many accomplishments," Trump says. "Lowered my golf handicap, my Twitter following increased by 700, and finally, we can shoot hibernating bears! My boys'll love that!" (Don't miss the doggone funny jokes about his famed hair.)

You'll want to watch the rest spoiler-free, but it ends with a narrator saying, "One hundred days. We are 6.8 percent of the way home. Paid for by 'Anybody Else 2020.'"