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The S*** that Apple's Siri says is beautiful

A Tumblr feed called S*** that Siri Says is bringing together all of Siri's most joyous nuances show just how deep and intelligent she really is. It was Apple, reportedly, that insisted Siri become more human, more likable, less HAL-like.

It can be a giddy experience when, on a first date, the lady you met on turns out to have a tongue saltier than than your Cobb Salad.

You never know, though, whether this is merely a function of nerves, Pimm's or Tourette's.

So it's the second date that truly reveals. This has proved to be the case with Apple's highly intelligent concierge and general factotum Siri.

Earlier this week, one had the impression that here was a woman who was just a little smarter and worldly wily than the rest of us.

But it has taken a quite joyous Tumblr feed--called S*** That Siri Says-- in order to bring a rounded flavor to Siri's multifarious aspects.


Everyone will have their favorites on S*** That Siri Says. For myself, I cannot help but become helpless when I read her answer to "Can you murder someone for me?": "I found 3 mental health agencies fairly close to you."

I find myself enthralled that she remains entirely unperturbed on being asked: "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?" Apparently the answer is 3,481.

And I find myself desperate to meet the human personification of someone who is able to answer "Open the Pod bay doors" with this: "That's it...I'm reporting you to the Intelligent Agent's Union for harassment."

The Wall Street Journal reports that it was Apple, on corralling the Siri folks into its secret Cupertino hideout, that insisted Siri develop a certain attitude in order to combat the human frailties and mental deficiencies of those who will buy the iPhone 4S.

That attitude is the lunar opposite of, say, the desperately controlling HAL.

Last night, I was sitting quietly at the bar of Tsukiji in Mill Valley, Calif.--one of the world's finest sushi establishments--when three rather nerdy men placed themselves in my vicinity.

One immediately whipped out his iPhone 4S and began to display it to his friends. He immediately turned his Siri on (as it were) and began to show her off as if she was his latest--and by far most fetching--girlfriend. With one hand on his chopsticks, the other was holding his phone and asking Siri all sorts of searching questions.

His friends joined in. They hardly talked to each other all night, but they giggled a lot.