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The real Facebook vanity test--the status-off

As Facebookers prepare to take hold of their vanity URLs, a new film posted to YouTube portrays the real test of Facebook vanity: the status update face-off.

You don't go on Facebook to find friends. You go there to impress people.

So while many will be punching their keyboards at 12:01 a.m. EDT Saturday in the desperate quest to obtain a Facebook URL of the highest ego value, a new film has emerged on YouTube to remind us of the real Facebook vanity test: the status-off.

On Facebook, if you can make your status updates winningly fascinating, you will surely impress all those who need to be impressed.

Directed by Jonathan Emmerling and produced by Untucked Films, this deep and thoughtful piece is blessed with some heartfelt performances from the cast.

As the two somewhat pretty-free male protagonists fight, through their increasingly breathtaking status updates, to get the girl, you will surely be choosing sides as to which one deserves her most.

I won't spoil the ending for you, but if a tear doesn't at least attempt to rise up the insides of your face, then you have surely been numbed by exotic substances in the air at a club last night.