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The Real Deal 205: 3D TV (podcast)

David Katzmaier and John Falcone join us to get into detail about 3D TV.

David Katzmaier and John Falcone join us to get into detail about 3D TV.

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Episode 205

How does it work?

What’s the difference between TVs

Will one pair of glasses work on all?

Is there programming yet?

Is it more expensive?

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Hi Tom and Rafe-

I’ve been keeping my eyes out on the 3d tvs and finally got to see my
first one at the Microsoft store last week ( was impressed, however
glasses were heavy). I have a few questions ad to the future of 3d tv
in general as well as 3d projectors. (currently have a 1080p Sony
pearl) and don’t want to go to a smaller screen, even if it is in 3d.

My questions are this

1: When will 3d single lens projectors (for the home) be available?
At what price?

2: When do you project 3d programming will become mainstream?( blu-
Ray, ota, and cable and sat? At what price? (included in HD
programming? More than normal blu-Ray)

3: Do you think the glasses will catch on? Byog? Universal pairs?
Prescription pairs?

4: Lastly what generation/how many years do you think it will be
before a screen will be dveloped to go over the tv and elminate
glasses? How is this going to work for projectors that project onto a
surface? Is it worth waiting? ( like when the first HDTVs only had
component in and no actual digital connection).

Love the show-
Tempe Az


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