The Real Deal 198: Beginner's guide to blogging (podcast)

We talk about what you need to know to get a blog set up, how to make good content, and whether you can make money from it.

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
3 min read

We talk about what you need to know to get a blog set up, how to make good content, and whether you can make money from it.

Watch this: Ep. 198: Beginner's guide to blogging


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Episode 198


Why blog:
Marketing for your service

So what do I do to get the blog up on the Internet?
Hosted vs. Non-hosted.

You can choose Blogger, Wordpress.com, Squarespace, TypePad.com, Posterous

Get a domain name, whichever way you do it. Register it cheaply.

If you want to host your own, you can install your own software. For this I still recommend WordPress.

Buy space at a webhost. Fairly cheap. Less than $10 a month. Unlimited blogs. E-mail, etc… You have to maintain.

Once you have it up, how do you make the most out of it?

How to get readers:
Write a lot
Twitter, Facebook your posts
Be part of the community – participate in other blogs.


How to make money:
Don’t expect to make money! Be realistic – Bloggers don’t get rich. But consultants can.
But you can run advertising – Adsense. Wordpress users need to host; Typepad.com allows.
Blog-to-book (FastPencil)



Why would I ever want FLO TV? Have we reached a gadget limit?
And don’t I have enough TV and subscriptions in my life?
Just looking for the RD geek perspective.


Sheala, GA

Answer: Well in the backseat of a car? Or in the garage? Now that all the old broadcast TVs don’t work you might need this. But int he end? I can’t say.
Well, you can add it to some phones on ATT and VZ. But keep in mind that it’s a subscription service, $10 to $25 a month.


Hi Guys,

I really want to keep an eye on my new puppy at my house while I'm at work. I heard you mention once in passing about cat cams. If a cat cam is what I'm looking for I could really use some advice.

I want to use the webcams I already have in the house that I'm not using. I have a Windows 7 Desktop PC in my lounge room that I run Microsoft Media Centre on so it's running all the time, recording my TV shows.

I want to rig up the webcams to the PC with USB extension cords and have them record on the PC or to the cloud. Motion detection would be needed so I'm not just watching them sleep. I have an iphone so it would be good to be able to login to see my house from my iphone.

I'm currently playing with 'Home Camera' and it does have motion detection, takes a photo and then records a 10 second video. I get the photo and vid emailed to me and I can watch it on my iphone. It's ok and free right now but wanted to know if you have any other software suggestions I could try?

Thanks heaps - Love your show and all the Cnet podcasts!

Anthony from Australia.

Cooley the cat person says:

I've had pretty good luck with Active WebCam by Py Software.


DL: http://download.cnet.com/Active-WebCam/3000-2348_4-10064509.html

Haven't tried it with iPhone, so don't know how well it works with that device. Also, the recommended max length for a USB 2.0 cable is 15 feet unless cascading hubs as repeaters.



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