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The Real Deal 163: All-questions episode

Tom and Rafe answer questions about networking, e-mail clients, and breaking into online video.

Tom and Rafe answer questions about networking, e-mail clients, and breaking into online video.

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Is there any risk associated with controlling all e-mail accounts from one program (like Outlook)? Since I use a separate account for shopping, junk, personal, I don’t want something to start suddenly start spamming contacts from separate e-mail accounts.


Issue is corp issues
Single point of failure


Hi Guys,

On episode 162, Rafe mentioned that he had some security camera’s that he accessed remotely. Tonnes of questions here. I was thinking of some security/monitoring system attached to a server that can record video and be viewed remotely.

What camera’s do you have?

What if any software do you use to configure them?

Are they hooked up to your WHS or another server?
yes via port numbers

Are the camera’s constantly recording or motion activated?
motion plys snapshots

How much space do the files take up?
dunno, use Gmail

Do they keep growing or can you configure them to roll over?
rollover every 3-4 months

Are you happy with your setup or are there better alternatives you know of?
probably, eg Logitech WILife, others

Thanks a lot, love the show.



Hi, guys.

I have an old PowerBook 165c and don’t know what to do with it. It still boots up, but is pretty featureless (ie, no usb, no cd/dvd drive, no wifi, and only MBs of hard drive space). And, the battery’s dead.

I saw a Lifehacker post about converting a laptop to a fancy digital photo frame (, but what do you think?

I don’t want to spend too much money, and I don’t mind opening it up…

Thanks, and as always, keep up the good work.


Just do it, and then can I send you my old Dell with no ports.


Hey Tom and Rafe, I have this 5-year-old computer lying around and I
was considering changing it into a web hosting server. How would I go
about doing that?


Rafe’s take: Give up, throw it out.


I’m worried about how safe a NAS would be on my network. And what’s

the baby using. First time, long time. GraniteJoe from Reading PA

keep wireless router safe, encrypt your NAS, etc.


What’s going on Tom and Rafe,

I just graduated from Cal State East Bay with an emphasis in
broadcasting and I’m very much interested in Internet television

I love watching the shows on Revision 3 and of course the shows that
come on CNET TV, but I’m curious about what goes on behind the scenes.

What is the process like for pre-production, production and post? I
know Tom used to also work for Tech TV and his wife Eileen works as
producer for Scam School, but what kind of production chops does a
young, wide-eyed man like myself need to cut it in this ever-expanding

Thanks for the quality programming fellas,


BigMikeInAustin: He should also wear sun glasses if he’s wide-eyed.


Hi tom,

I need a program to list all files, dll, programs, spec of a computer, like doing a master list of everything.

best regards

Carlos Valero
Caracas, Venezuela.



Aloha guys, love the show, I live on the big island of Hawaii and am

a radio group sales manager. I have a Sprint Wifi USB Stick (Sierra)

with a cradle-point router plugged into the power port on my truck. I

have justified the $60/month cost time and time again as I basically

have my office with me where I go on the island and my response time

to clients and ad agencies is almost zero. The bonus is I can update

podcasts on my iPod touch wherever I am.

For the record, I have found print’s service on this island to be

good. Great coverage, good speed and the customer service at the

Sprint Corporate store in Kona has always been good.

Randy Botti

New West Broadcasting Corp.

Next time: Firefox vs. Chrome