The Real Deal 161: Road (and air) test

Tom talks about the Kindle, Internet, and Web sites while traveling. Rafe rants about WHS, talks nice about Apple, and is moderately pleased with Pogoplug.

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
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Tom talks about the Kindle, Internet, and Web sites while traveling. Rafe rants about WHS, talks nice about Apple, and is moderately pleased with Pogoplug.

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Kindle – Tom
Long start time when you begin to read
Weird prev page bug takes me back 5 pages
Can’t read during take off and landing
Hard to skim for parts. Easy to search but if you don’t know the words you’re looking for, that doesn’t help.

PogoPlug – Rafe

EVDO card and iPhone had no data plans in Malta
Direct connection at Maui hotel was slooooow. Video almost unwatchable. But Wi-Fi was super fast. Nobody using it? 3G also superfast.
Was told Hawaii declined a fiber connection a few years ago.

What router should Rafe get?

How did we travel before the Web?
Online check-in now standard with kiosks in many hotels (kiosks have their own problems)
Can’t check in Hawaiian on phone. Plus hassle to reprint boarding pass on Hawaiian. United better in this respect.
Bought movie tickets to Honolulu theater while in Maui.

WHS rant from Rafe
data corruption
Mac update

Genius Bar – Rafe’s experiences

Comments on Twitter episode

topher2041 May 6, 2009 6:22 AM PDT I love the show. All great info and I tried out DestroyTwitter and TweetDeck but i have found one that is even better. AlertThingy, http://www.alertthingy.com/ , This not only lets you do do what TweetDeck and DestroyTwiter do but also ads the ability to check Facebook, RSS and other Networks and Services, Digg, Basecamp, Flickr, Jaiku, etc. It is great. You really should try this. Why limit yourself to just Twitter info? I leave this up and can read my Facebook, Twitter and main RSS feeds all in one feed. I do not need different apps.


Tom/Rafe -

First off, thank you for hosting the Real Deal podcast. The knowledge gained from listening is great. I am in the market for adding some NAS to my home network and was wondering if you could clear up some F.U.D. for me. I have a Gigabit Switch for my house network hub that splits the internet 8 ways to the other RJ-45 outlets in my house. At the end of one of those outlets I have an Airnet Router 10/100 that has my XBOX and Vip722 Dish HD Receiver Attached to it.

My F.U.D. comes from:

1. Do I attach the NAS to the router or the switch? Does it matter, security?
2. Can I just get an NAS Enclosure and place a 1 TB HD in there, or is it better to get a Server Tower with RAID 1 or 5 setup?

Thanks again for all the insight that you have already given all of us.



Static IPs and Dynamic DNS

In the past I have always used a Static IP address on my home internet
connection so I can access my computers remotely (Remote Desktop, SSH,
…). I have just moved and I may end up going with Comcast for my
next ISP. They want me to have a business account to have a static IP
and they charge significantly more for that. Is Dynamic DNS and
viable alternative to having to get a static IP address? How quickly
to the DNS cache update and propagate changes to my IP address? What
are some of the DDNS services out there and how much should I be
expecting to pay for one? Anything I should be looking for when
dealing with a DDNS service?

You may also want to talk about what DDNS is for the listeners that do
not even understand what it is I am asking about.

Devin Crumb

Rafe– Google Dynamic DNS. It’s not worth it to keep a static. – http://www.google.com/search?q=dynamic+dns&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a

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