The Real Deal 136: Podcasting

Tom and Rafe talk about how to get podcasts, when we listen to them, and recommend some of our favorites. Tom sucks because he forgot to mention Amateur Traveler and Coverville.

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
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Tom and Rafe talk about how to get podcasts, when we listen to them, and recommend some of our favorites. Tom sucks because he forgot to mention Amateur Traveler and Coverville.
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Good afternoon, gentlemen. I hope that this message finds you both doing well. Thanks to the efforts of the good people at CNET, Leo Laporte, NPR, Revision 3, Pixel Corps, Hulu, and a few others, I have have been television/cable free for well over a year now. Would you please be so kind as to do a segment on the Netcasts that the two of you listen to or provide me with additional resources for finding new shows?

Thanks in advance, Adrian Arlington, TX


Tools to consume--How do you get them? iTunes Juice Miro Zune Songbird

When do you listen to them? In the car On the train

What do you listen to?


Official Lost Podcast StrongBad? Email Just the Facts (FactCheck?.org) The Phileas Club Jawbone Radio The Instance ExtraLife? Radio You Look Nice Today Ask a Ninja Economist Tangential Convergence This Week in Tech Scam School Galacticast Seminars About Long Term Thinking


NPR - Car Tech, Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me This American Life Coffee Break Spanish RadioLab? Dan Carlin's Hardcore History Planet Money


Here is my list of my top 5 favorite Netcasts that I have on my Zune. (STOP LAUGHING AT ME!!!)

Excluding all the CNET shows, East Meets West, & Sword & Laser (for obvious reasons & to avoid butt kissing) my top five are:

1. This Week in Tech - www.twit.tv/twit <http://www.twit.tv/twit> - Nothing beats Leo!

2. SModcast - http://quickstopentertainment.com/smodcast/ - Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier sitting around just talking about anything and everything. Hilarious!

3. This American Life - http://www.thisamericanlife.org/ - NPR netcast that is a journalistic non-fiction show. Listen to an episode and you'll be hooked like I am.

4. Wine Library TV - http://www.winelibrary.tv <http://www.winelibrary.tv/> - Gary Vaynerchuk makes wine tasting fun. You don't need to be an expert to love this show.

5. No Agenda - http://noagenda.mevio.com/ - Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak really know how to hold a conversation. The best part of this show is that Dvorak gets to be Dvorak in a non-tech environment. I look forward to this show every weekend!

Thanks, Mr. Corey Charette, Mine Hill, NJ

Hey, Tom and Rafe,

My top Netcasts (in random order) are 1. Almost all of CNET's podcasts--no, I'm not sucking up, I mean it! If you put a gun to my head, the top three would be BOL, Real Deal and Gadgettes(!) though. 2. Discovery Space Podcast 3. Stuff You Should Know (from howstuffworks.com <http://howstuffworks.com> ) 4. TWiT 5. Security Now

Looking forward to getting some recommendations from you guys and other listeners as well--I'm sure I can squeeze in some more podcasts to listen to when I'm supposed to be studying! wink

Also, on the off chance that nobody else experienced the following: 1. Got the impression you think SpinRite is a part of the past; and then, 2. Wrote in about it

...yeah, a very slim chance of that, but still...

SpinRite is still alive and kicking--it's by Steve Gibson (grc,com), who does the Security Now podcast with Leo Laporte. Every week they read one (out of many) feedback emails and success stories about how people bring back a hard drive from its way up to that big SATA enclosure up in the sky -- including a SEAL team once (transcription of that episode at http://www.grc.com/sn/sn-159.htm).

Anyway, love the show, guys. Thanks, Waleed

Hi, Tom and Rafe,

Like your e-mail correspondent on the retro software show, I too have been cable-free for quite some time now. I have one PC with iTunes for podcasts and an Ubuntu box running Miro for video content. Here's what occupies my time and takes up space on my iPod/hard drive:

- Anything and everything from the TWiT network.

- A goodly chunk of stuff from CNET, including BOL, Real Deal, Gadgettes, Loaded, CNET Live, etc.

- The Instance (addict) and Extralife Radio by Scott Johnson

- Lots of Revision 3 stuff including Diggnation, Systm, Tekzilla and the Totally Rad Show. Hak 5 as well.

- Lots of sciencey content including This Week in Science from Dr. Kiki, CBC's Quirks and Quarks, ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corp)'s The Science Show, Science Weekly from The Guardian in the UK, and others.

That's just a sampling of what I listen to/watch. There are many others as well.

Thanks for doing a great show and keep up the good work.


Devin Baines Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

Hi, Tom/Rafe, I've often wondered about what Netcasters listen to/watch when they're not making Netcasts, so I look forward to your upcoming show. Real Deal listeners are probably fans of the myriad of other tech shows that exist, so I'm curious about the nontech shows that are out there that interest you. As for me (true to form), I'm a fan of many of Leo's TWIT shows, many CNET shows, many Revision3 shows, and a few of the growing number of Mevio shows. Other nontech favorites: Most of the Quick and Dirty Tips shows (qdnow.com), You Look Nice Today, Mahalo Daily, ESPN's PTI, Onion Radio News, Onion News Network, 60-Second Science, and Neil Cavuto's Common Sense.

Is more than 50 too many?

What about running down the recent winners of the Podcast Awards? Do you listen to any of them?

Keep 'casting!

Patrick Schommer Sun Prairie, WI


You guys mentioned having loved NetHack in a discussion of "defunct" software two days after our 10th annual Nethack tournament started. wink

The tournament's Web site is at <http://nethack.devnull.net>, the press release (if you have a Gamespress account) is at <http://www.gamespress.com/release.asp?c=p%0D%CCm%BC> or the Usenet announcement is at <http://groups.google.com/group/rec.games.roguelike.nethack/browse_thread/thread/d209a2ed4b612fe5/0b4e31e0688cff7b?lnk=gst&q=tournament#0b4e31e0688cff7b>.

Nethack is far from defunct ...

Cheers, -robin

wallet55 November 11, 2008 9:37 AM PST I was dismayed to hear you talk about Spinrite in the past tense...was that an intentional dig at Leo's Security Now podcast. I had just fixed a new Toshiba Protege that morning with Spinrite 6 and have fixed several more in the past year. It is hardly "retro" software!

Next episode - I enjoy the Real Deal and have a suggestion for a future episode. You did an episode on where to get content to watch TV online. This has also been discussed on Buzz Out Loud. However, I would like an episode that explains how, once I've found the content I want, I can watch it on my TV. I'm not about to sit at my desk and watch hours of video.

Thank you, --Charlene Houston, TX