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The Real Deal 130: Road Test

Tom and Rafe talk about the tech they're using in their daily lives.

Tom and Rafe talk about top Web applications, routers, home servers, vacation tech and more.

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Five Web applications - Rafe

iPhone GPS/only computer on trip - Tom

Slingbox on trip - Tom

Spot Emergency Locator Beacon - Rafe

Selling used gadgets - Tom

Windows Home Server - not using backup application, restoring from Windows Vista 64-bit- Rafe -Maxtor encrypted drive TrueCrypt - Rafe


Please explain the 250GB restriction that Comcast is implementing. Is this a daily/monthly restriction? Are they trying to limit the videos being viewed or what exactly? - froesh

Call - Tony DSL cap.


Hi Mr. Merritt and Mr. Needleman,

Not really related to an episode, but I had a question I hoped you might be able to help me with: I've got an old computer running Windows 98 that I never use; would it be possible to turn it into a server for my home network? I would run Ubuntu server version on it, although my functioning computers are all running Windows. I'm not sure how to start; if you could direct me to any resources, I'd be grateful!

Love the Show, Andrew

Next episode - Syndication overload