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The Real Deal 124: Olympic video

Tom and Rafe talk about how the Olympics was delivered online, what this means for online video, and how it can be done better.

Tom and Rafe talk about how the Olympics was delivered online, what this means for online video, and how it can be done better.
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Biggest online streaming video sporting event

Seven - Australia http://www.cnet.com.au/software/video/0,239035364,339291224,00.htm

BBC 1. Olympic video: So now living in the UK, I have to get used to not having all the online video I was originally used to. What has hurt most though, has to be the Olympics! So the BBC had been stating up to and during the first 2 days of the Olympics that EVERY event was going to be available online at BBC iplayer. Even during the opening ceremonies they kept stating and re-stating all events would be just a mouse click away. Well by the 3rd day of coverage they never mentioned it again. Why? Because they only had the opening ceremonies online! NOTHING ELSE! I have no idea who botched this, but to date you can only get about 1/20 of the events, mostly Team GB medals (that'd be Great Britain) and some Phelps thrown in, with other bits here and there. So basically very select events and the "highlights" from the day.

Now why does this truly suck? My part 2...

2. NBC ... though online video here has sucked, my experiences trying to proxy into NBC's coverage has been close to nil. I say close because it seems tonight I can get through. I've tried using AnchorFree? Hot Spot Shield, but they have been hit and miss- sometimes it works but most times it sees I'm outside the US. The most interesting bit about this is that I could always get into Hulu and sorta watch. I say sorta as they don't stream video there like most places, it's strictly streaming not download/buffer streaming, but pure streaming. I can pause the video as much as I want and I can't get more than 30 seconds at a time before it pauses to download more.

So if it wasn't for NBC buying off the Olympics and forcing much of the medaling part of the competition of the big events with Americans (ie all of the swimming) to be during primetime for the US east coast—which is around 3 am in England! If not for that I would have seen more of the exciting parts of the Olympics without knowing the results already. Or even having to wait until late night to see full day coverage to see the entire race and not just the finish.

And the BBC still can't seem to put up much online video (mind you what is up looks great). GatorRock? - AKA Tom Merritt in Oxford

NBC What was available Filtering system for your cable company

Limelight http://blogs.zdnet.com/perlow/?p=9221

What have we learned? Will the next one be different?

What's the difference between watching online and watching on TV?

What's the ideal Web experience?


I recently started transferring video via wireless from my iMac to my TiVo? Series III using the method illustrated here:


An issue I have is that videos I have purchased from iTunes, due to DRM protection, cannot be converted to a format that TiVo? can properly read. In order to view this content on my TV instead of my computer, I have to resort to using a video screen capture utility to copy the video in real time and from that re-create a new file that the TiVo? can decode. I don't want to have to buy an Apple TV to view this content on my TV.

Any ideas or other possible solutions? And am I violating copyright by creating a copy of the purchased video so I can view it via TiVo?? FYI, the software I'm using to make the copy of the video is iShowU by shinywhitebox (http://store.shinywhitebox.com/home/home.html). I then use VisualHub? by Techspansion (http://www.techspansion.com/visualhub/) to create the TiVo?-friendly file.

Thanks for doing a program on this topic!

robert-0 Portland, OR Post 1 of 1 | Back to top


Hey Tom and Rafe,

I'll be moving to Korea in a few short months and I'm kinda sad that I'll be missing most of my football games and the latest season to tv shows. I know that all the major networks and Hulu block IP addresses outside the US. I've heard that I could get around that by using a US proxy but I'm not sure thats legal. A friend recommended I try sling box. Any chance you guys could help elliminate my FUD on this topic? Thanks! Love the show!

><> Dan <><

Hey Tom,

How about an episode on TV technology? I don't think you've had one on that? And since your DLP (?) lost it's bulb, you could mention that and talk about the repair possibilities, and maybe even do a quick tip.

I was having color wheel noise issues, so I went to replace that and decided to change my bulb at the same time. It was relatively easy, and the bulbs/color wheels were under 200 with shipping included. Much cheaper to repair a 50 inch HDTV than buying a new one, and mine was good as new when I did it. It was truly like having a brand new TV.

Erick from Colorado Springs

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