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The real Captain America is obese and bad at math

Think your beloved superhero is as hunky as Chris Evans? The real Cap' is more likely to be overweight and behind in school.

The United States is turning 238 years old on Friday. To celebrate this monumental achievement, the folks over at Fox's "Animation Domination High-Def" put together a new short that shows how Captain America -- arguably the country's best citizen -- fares against the rest of the world in health, resource consumption, and education.

To be frank, it doesn't look good for old Cap'. He finds himself 25th and 24th in the world in math and reading, and he's consuming the most gasoline in the world.

To create the short's accompanying theme song, Fox adapted the original theme song from the 1960's era cartoon show with statistics from the CIA's World Factbook. The result is a catchy, poignant reminder that the country Captain America represents has fallen behind the rest of the world, and serves as proof that he might not be the superhero we hoped.

Or, perhaps he'll be the one to save us from our greatest enemy of all, ourselves.

These guys can save us! Erm...once they catch their breath. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET