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The quickest way to check in on Foursquare using Android or iOS

Using an Android or iOS app, you can check in on Foursquare in a matter of two taps, saving you time and allowing you to pay attention to the real world.

Checking in on Foursquare to unlock points, badges, or create a virtual map of a trip can sometimes feel like a chore. With Checkie (iOS download) or Simple Check-in (Android download) the check-in process takes just a few seconds and two taps on your screen. The first tap launches the app; the second completes the check-in.

    Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET
  • After installing Checkie on your iPhone and granting the app permission to access your Foursquare account, you will see a list of nearby venues. To check in, tap on the venue name. You won't be able to add a shout, a photo, or even send the check-in to a social network (if you are setup to opt-in to sharing on each check-in).
  • Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

  • Simple Check-in works in a similar manor. With one exception: a map. When you launch the app, you'll see a list of venues as you did with Checkie, but there'll be a map at the top of the screen allowing you to confirm the app has your correct location. You won't be able to push the check-in to a social network or include a shout/photo.

That's all there is to it. The next time you're going to a business lunch, or in a situation where you don't want to feel rude by taking the time to check in, fire up Checkie or Simple Check-in. I've gone as far as replacing Foursquare in my app dock with Checkie, eliminating the habit of opening the full app, while streamlining the check-in process.

(Via: About Foursquare)