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The Queue: Watch it at work!

A time frame for the end of the format war, HDTV's showing its true colors, another moon prize, blasting your friends with messages, and potentially violating company policy on your work computer.

Could the end of the next-gen optical format war be on the horizon? While you wait for the shakedown, why not tune in some ambient color for your TV? Plus, organizing meetups with your 700+ Facebook friends, 800 IM contacts and your five real friends isn't an easy task, and we found one service that aims to annoy everyone equally. Lastly, we send Mark the intern out into the streets to see if New Yorkers are scared their workplace computer habits could get them fired. That and more, on today's episode of The Queue.

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Forrester Research

Color DVDs [Via Geekologie]

Moon prize part deux

Blast alerts [Via Switched]

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