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Meet Pun-isher, the punniest superhero of them all

Avengers, who? The Pun-isher is the newest crime-fighting superhero on the scene, delivering justice to bad guys with a side of horrible yet hilarious puns. Ready for some pun-ishment?

Crime-fighting with a side of bad wordplay? Sounds like pun!

In this new animated short from Fox's "Animation Domination High-Def" online series we meet the world's newest superhero, the Pun-isher, who serves up justice with a side of hilariously bad plays on words.

Just watch in amazement as the Pun-isher slices off one bad guy's hands while wittily advising the criminal that he's gotten out of hand, and tells another that crime is no way to get ahead as he chops his noggin off. You'll laugh and cheer as the Pun-isher delivers justice to bad guys, then groan as he belts out cringe-worthy puns.

ADHD has a knack for superhero shorts. The series also introduced us to the real Captain America, who is obese and bad at math, and let us tag along as the Hulk smashed through his everyday errands.

Watch the Pun-isher video above, and be sure to give up your life of crime before it's too late, or the Pun-isher may soon be pain you a visit. And after the Pun-isher comes around, you probably won't be alive any morgue.