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'Sharknado 2' poster makes 'Jaws' look like 'Snow White'

One of the great artistic achievements of the SyFy Channel is returning for another bite. And the artwork announcing it is beauty beyond conception.

One day, this will be in an art museum. SYFY Channel

There was a time when Tara Reid and shark movies were both washed up.

Then along came a phenomenon that defied conceiving, scripting, or describing.

This was science fiction taken to a realm that had no king and no queen. The anarchy of the imagination ruled all.

Some describe the SyFy Channel's "Sharknado" as a disaster movie. I prefer to think of it as existential philosophy gang-tackling Hollywood and screaming: "You will NEVER get up from this!!"

The original "Sharknado" was made for an alleged $250,000 and aired to wonderment worldwide.

Now, there's another one coming, "Sharknado 2." So the TV people have released an advance poster that is less advertising and more an ululation to the heavens.

Here is the almost understated message "Shark Happens!" -- coupled with a scene of destruction so impossibly historic that even Liberty herself keels over in wonderment.

I understand that this opus will appear this summer. Moreover, a quick meander down the cast list reveals not only Tara Reid and Ian Zeiring recommitting their talents, but there I also find the name of Kelly Osbourne, she who once graced "Dancing With The Stars."

I know that many are hoping that the execution of this sequel might be superior to the first, which was a touch rough around the fins.

Whatever its quality, I feel sure that this poster will be remembered for centuries to come.