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The pen that swallowed a Bluetooth DVR

The perfect writing instrument for an international person of intrigue.

Gadget Venue

The pen has always been an inventor's paradise, used for everything from scanners and flash drives to aromatherapy and fishing. (We've even seen an inkless version that can write forever.) But one thing we never imagined was a DVR.

This Bluetooth DVR pen from Pacific Defence houses a wireless video recorder and microphone, as well as a motion sensor that will turn it on automatically when movement is detected, according to Gadget Venue. The 320x240 resolution isn't exactly feature-film quality, unless you're going for the grainy indie look, but it's better than the "Digital Spy Camera Pen," which takes only stills. Images are recorded on a microSD card, which can then be transferred wirelessly to a PC.

If, for some reason, the pen seems too obvious for a particularly sensitive situation, there's always the gum or the tie options. Or maybe someone will come up with a DVR built into a pair of glasses.