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2,124 ways The Onion's Clickhole will change your life

Is your dad proud of you? If I ordered fries, would you have any? Get answers to these questions and more on Clickhole, a new satirical site from The Onion.

Will this be the most viral website on the Internet? The answer may surprise you. Clickhole

The Web has been overrun with click bait -- listicles, quizzes, and other articles with catchy headlines just begging to be clicked. These articles will surprise you, melt your heart, or otherwise restore your faith in humanity. Of course The Onion, which famously satirizes print newspapers with articles that are completely, 100 percent made up, wants to get in on the action, so on Thursday it launched Clickhole, a new site that brings made-up viral content to your social stream.

And man, Clickhole is glorious, and perfectly captures the state of the Internet in 2014. The site has tons of ridiculous articles: "10 hilarious chairs that think they're people," "16 pictures of Beyoncé where she's not sinking in quicksand," and "7 pricks who defied the odds and didn't go into finance."

And, since quizzes are so popular online, Clickhole has several hilarious ones, such as "How many of these 'Friends' episodes have you seen?" "Which Hungry Hungry Hippo are you?" and "If I ordered fries, would you have any?"

Clickhole operates under a simple premise: All content on the Internet deserves to be shared, and share it The Onion will. Clickhole promises to keep you up to date by sharing its content on Facebook, Twitter, and the 854,650 other social-media sites out there. Just try not clicking.