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The one where we gotta catch 'em all: Girt by CNET Podcast 79

Is Australia really ready for electronic voting, or are we just in the grip of post-election limbo fever? Plus, NASA sticks the landing, Snapchat might be losing its cool and Pokemon Go is all we actually care about.


It's not been your traditional Australian Federal election and the lack of clear winner in the days after we all trooped off for a vote and sausage seems to have people riled up. So riled was the Australian Information Industry Association that it called for the introduction of an electronic voting system, boldly claiming that "Australia was ready".

Sadly, more than a few security-minded people are less than enamoured, with Rageev Gore professor at the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science, saying "if you ask any security expert in the world if we should be using online voting they will invariably say no."

What everyone can agree on is the intense coolness of NASA's latest feat: the Juno spacecraft making its precision hit to get into orbit around Jupiter. After the Mars Lander, we expect big things from NASA and it continues to deliver.

Also delivering is Snapchat, but to a slightly older audience than expected. New stats show that users of the ephemeral photo sharing service (that's totally not for sexting anymore) are getting older. Time for the millennial to find the new cool thing...

...which might be Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game that's caused businesses around Australia to grind to halt as people stalk the office hunting for Pokemon. We're hooked, that's for sure.

Girt by CNET Podcast 79

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