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The Nice Clip is a nice clip

Tired of cords dropping off your desk and/or losing your lens cap? This clip solves both problems.

Nice Clip, via Kickstarter

Yep, the Nice Clip is just a clip. That's all. But if you're frequently misplacing your camera's lens cap or looking for someplace to put it while you're shooting, it's a clip worth buying.

It attaches to any size, style, and brand of lens cap from 49mm all the way up to 82mm using a strip of 3M adhesive. Then, when you take off your cap, you can simply slip it on a strap, pocket, or belt loop.

Losing your lens cap not an issue for you? Consider the Nice Clip as a catch for miscellaneous cables for your electronics. One clip holds up to four small cables at a time and keeps them from slipping off your desk every time you disconnect your device.

For a $9 pledge at Kickstarter you get one clip and, of course, the satisfaction that you helped bring the Nice Clip to a world full of people who keep losing their lens caps and dropping their cables. And hey, it's being made in the U.S., so that's nice, too.