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Uber's video game is just like Mario Kart (or not)

Technically Incorrect: You can now play a mobile game that puts you in the seat of an Uber driver. Because exciting.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Surely you're excited? Surely you are. Uber

It's been a while since a game sent blood racing through your body like a Porsche driven by hypertense teenager.

I present to you, therefore, UberDrive.

This is beyond overdrive, beyond superdrive and, perhaps, beyond belief. Uber's sell of this interesting foray into gamespersonship is tantalizing: "Ever wondered what it's like to be an Uber driver-partner?"

I have. I imagine it's like driving a Prius round and round and hoping that the next passenger won't be an inebriated millennial whose entrails can't take more than two glasses of wine-in-a-box.

This is the stuff of an exciting video game? Apparently it is.

Uber explains: "Users can earn high scores by accepting trip requests in dispatch zones; players who take more efficient routes earn higher scores."

Yes, this is a video game that actually rewards you for being efficient. How very conservationist. How very Valley.

In order to succeed in this game, you have to, just as Uber drivers do in real life, please others: "Players who consistently earn high ratings will be able to unlock new cars and new areas of the city to explore."

Does this mean you can graduate from a Prius to a VW Golf?

Uber claims that this game "was designed as a fun and engaging resource for our driver-partners to hone their navigation skills if they choose to."

Is the company truly suggesting that, even with their very fine GPS systems barking orders, Uber drivers aren't very good at knowing where to go?

This no-doubt adorable game was released Thursday to the iTunes Store.

It will surely be an enormous success with every single back seat driver that you've ever met.