The new look of Microsoft Office

Microsoft announces features for the next version of Office, Sprint goes live with LTE, and LinkedIn gets a makeover.

Monday's top tech headlines feature a new challenger to the LTE battle:

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Microsoft is releasing a new flavor of Office to go along with the new look of Windows 8. This new Office is all about making your documents available wherever you are, on any device. The design is also streamlined. Since you might be using it on a touch-screen, Microsoft simplified some options. You can see highlights of the features in our review of the new Office suite.

Sprint's already been selling devices that use 4G LTE, but today customers can finally tap into that faster network. Sprint launched LTE in 15 cities around Georgia and Texas, as well as Sprint's headquarters in Kansas City. Sprint was the first to launch a 4G network back in 2008, but it was using WiMax. Now Sprint is catching up to Verizon and AT&T, which use the faster LTE technology. Sprint said it will add more areas later this year.

The 16-year-old online partnership between Microsoft and NBC is officially over. NBC now has full ownership of and has renamed it Microsoft is building into its own portal for news, much like Yahoo and AOL.

LinkedIn redesigned its homepage. It also updated the News page, where articles posted offer the option to click "like" or add a comment. It's part of LinkedIn's goal to make you want to use it as a daily resource, rather than something you just log into when you want to make a resume change.

Google's Nexus 7 tablet began shipping pre-orders on Friday, but if you want one, expect to wait a few weeks. It's listed as sold out and on back order at many retailers.

If you need a Windows Phone right now, you can get the flagship Nokia Lumia 900 for just $50 dollars. AT&T lowered the price, but that's because it will soon be outdated when the new Windows Phone 8 models come out this fall. So if you can, it's better to wait.

Looks like Apple may be launching the new OS X Mountain Lion operating system next week on July 25. The website 9to5Mac reports that some Apple employees will be working overnight on July 24, and that usually means they'll be setting up for something new in the store. When it comes out, the Mountain Lion upgrade can be downloaded for $20 bucks.

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