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Evan Puschak is making YouTube for smart people

From philosophy to comedy, Nerdwriter host Even Puschak breaks down complicated topical concepts so well I bet you'll subscribe.

Recently I've been sharing some of my favorite channels on YouTube because I think people should know there's more to watch than just music videos or sports replays. Previously I've talked about Kurzegesagt, Numberphile and Every Frame a Painting. If you haven't watched any yet, you will be amazed at what people have come up with to make successful long-running shows on YouTube.

This week, I'm really excited to share a channel called Nerdwriter1. According to host Even Puschak, the show features video essays about art, culture, philosophy, science and politics. While that's probably meant to be an oversimplification to distill his channel to its most basic for descriptive purposes, to me, it's much more than that. Whether he's talking about a specific movie, a TV series, a musical style, or even dissecting how our new president answers a simple question, Puschak manages to make every subject incredibly fascinating.

Obviously, I'm a fan of the channel and I think you will be too. I'll start with the dissection of one answer from President Donald Trump:

Next, Puschak talks about what he thinks is the fundamental flaw of the movie "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice":

In this one he talks about our innate ability to automatically understand smaller groupings of objects through subitizing -- the ability to "see" a small amount of objects without counting:

Finally, in this one he describes how Louis CK tells a joke. He's not just talking about a setup and a punchline, mind you, but how Louis carefully crafts the joke to pull you in, then lands you right where he wants you.

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