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The multi-tasking therapy box

It looks irritating, but it might make up for that with a multitude of features.


Of all the odd therapeutic lights we've seen--and there have been some doozies--this is one of the stranger-looking examples. We just can't imagine what could be so relaxing about something that looks like a cheap disco accessory.

But maybe the Korean-made LTK-200 "Therapy Station" makes up for its design with its features. The blue LEDs don't actually turn on until you've supposedly been lulled into a catatonic state by 24 soothing sounds that range from "concentration" to "therapy for depression," according to Technabob. Then the herbal aromatherapy kicks in, followed by a rush of negative ions to cleanse your oxygen.

The device may seem expensive, going for about $395 on the Korean market, but that might not even be enough to buy one spa treatment in Beverly Hills. Besides, it's better than walking around with a head massager.